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 It's Here!

A brand new division of Dan Ash Photography called Just Kids.

We will be doing some very special children's photography each month that will be limited production. 

Each month I will be doing a new setting for infants and another for children and will limit the number of settings to 15 or less of each. That means your child's photographs will be quite unique. When I offer a special setting, that particular setting WILL NOT be offered again for at least 9 months, meaning that only a select few people in the area will have that shot in the age group of your child. 

We will be establishing an email list of parents who want to be notified of new settings available. Once 15 settings are *booked, then that setting will be closed. 

First come, first served.

No exceptions will be made. 

* Booked means deposit is paid

YES!!! We can do this with your babies too! 


Here are some samples of what we will be offering!

Watch our website or join our email list to be the first to know what we will be shooting each month!